Magnesium body spray - grounding

Magnesium Body Spray - Grounding

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120ml | 4.05oz

Our Magnesium Spray is a topical solution for anyone struggling with sleep, headaches, sore and/or twitching muscles. This spray is a simple addition to your daily routine. Whenever you are feeling run down, achy, or stressed out, just spray your skin for a holistic refresh. If you're struggling to fall asleep, our spray is best used about 30-45 minutes before bedtime. Wherever the skin is thinnest, bottoms of your feet, stomach, or the backs of your legs, this spray will be quickly absorbed. Magnesium is a mineral we are often short on and the side effects of this can take an exhausting toll on our mind and bodies. Next time you're feeling muscle fatigue or anxiety, pick up your Magnesium Spray and give a quick spritz. 

Ingredients: distilled water, magnesium chloride, witch hazel, black spruce oil, rosewood oil, patchouli oil



I come in glass packaging. Please reuse me
or remove my label and recycle 👍🏼