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Bath Concentrate - Rehab


450g | 16oz
Transport your mind to a lush forest, where the air smells woodsy and crisp. Leaving the stresses of life behind. Allow your body to fall into a deep and much-required state of relaxation. Rehab your mind and body with this magical blend of pure essential oils and a detoxifying mixture of salts.

Bath soaks are highly concentrated, to ensure the most use out of each bottle. Each one contains up to 6 uses. Follow the guidelines at the edge of the label for the perfect measurement. For extra detoxification add 2 cups of epsom salts. 



Ingredients: pink himilayan salt . epsom salt . dead sea salt . safflower oil  . juniper berry pure essential oil . bergamot pure essential oil . vitamin e oil


I come in glass packaging. Please reuse me
or remove my label and recycle 👍🏼


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