Switching to eco-conscious packaging

Hi friends! If you follow me on Instagram, we’ve probably already made each other’s e-quaintance, but I wanted to introduce myself and tell the Simply Polished story more officially here. Specifically why now is the time that we’ve chosen to move towards green packaging and what that means for our products.

I’m Wiktoria (pronounced Victoria), the face behind Simply Polished. Pictured with me is my partner in crime Reece— my biggest supporter and unpaid business consultant— as well as my soon to be baby girl! I started this business over three years ago with a simple intention: to create approachable, effective, and all-natural self-care products. Mostly I wanted to make the high quality, locally sourced, natural body products I was unable to find on the market at the time.
Since the very beginning, each product has been made with high-quality, mostly organic ingredients. But throughout the years my concerns, like many of yours, have shifted to becoming more eco-conscious. My focus on creating amazing natural products has not changed but has grown to encompass the need to be kinder to our Earth. Simply Polished has always been about self-care but self-care is not an act of selfishness or solidarity. I believe it’s a practice we incorporate into our lives each day so we can show up even better for what cares for us— our family, our friends, our communities, and the planet. With a little one on the way, it seemed more appropriate timing than ever to consider how Simply Polished is caring for those things.

What does this mean for the future of Simply Polished products?

In the spirit of being as transparent with my business as I am with the ingredients in our products, I want to explain what this decision means for you and the Simply Polished products. As many of you know, plastic is extremely cheap and light. This is why most businesses choose to work with this option when starting out. Glass, on the other hand, is much more expensive and heavier which means it’s also costlier to ship. The higher cost of goods and packaging would normally result in higher prices passed on to the consumer. That is the unfortunate reality of running a business and so I had a decision to make.
Considering raising my prices to accommodate the new eco-friendly packaging didn’t sit well with me. I don’t believe that you should pay a fortune to have products that make you feel good about your body and the environment and so I began to think about what I value in the self-care products I use. I want natural ingredients I feel safe using (on myself and my family). I want something that does what it says it’s going to do. I want beautiful packaging I love having in my home, but that doesn’t hurt the Earth or my wallet.

Since the beginning, most of the product ingredients were organic which meant a higher price point. But in the years since we have been in business, not a single person has asked if we use organic ingredients. This made my decision a simple one. I chose to offset some of the cost of the packaging by switching to high-quality non-organic ingredients. Providing high-quality natural products in eco-conscious packaging without breaking the bank.
My mission has always been to provide a natural, beautiful, and effective alternative to the conventional self-care products on the market. I do not believe in all or nothing. It’s the small changes we make that have the largest impact. I hope those who have been along this journey with me will understand my desire to do my part, one small decision at a time. I hope this inspires you to do the same and I am so grateful you’ve chosen to be a part of this wonderful journey with me.
Take care, Wiktoria

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